Award plates


Plaque have a wooden foundation (up to A3 size) with the thickness of material from 8 mm to 25 mm. The shape is optional and so is the finish of the surface (such as wood grain finish, velvet finish, plastic finish, etc.). The surface is encrusted with fragments of coloured images on metal or plastic. Moulding can be used as well. Fragments can be covered with transparent or toned enamel, which gives volume to the images. A medallion may be installed in a prop and/or be equipped with a loop for mounting onto a wall.
The key concept of metallography is transfer of images by one means or another onto a metal surface with a special coating. We use the following colours of the metal surface: matte silver, bright silver, dark matte gold, dark bright gold, bright gold, bronze, white colour and light-green colour. The surface may be covered with transparent decorative resin to protect the product from outer effects and improve the visual appeal. 

Metallography is used in production of:

  • promotional articles and awards;
  • gifts;
  • souvenirs;
  • signboards and direction signs (of super class). 

    We offer to make copies of documents (diplomas, certificates, licences, etc.) on metal surfaces. We transfer them onto wooden medallions or put them into frames. We may scale the image up and down. A document on a metal surface with proper decorations is an element of the interior, which makes any setting reliable and respectable.