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  Commercial manufacturing company "Fokuss - F" provides functional and advertising services. We offer a wide range of goods and services  facilitating full-fledged activities of your organization in the office, at school and in industry, as well as during presentations, seminars,conferences and other cultural and promotional events. Our customers represent different spheres of activities: these are companies involved in manufacture and scientific research, trade and  transportation services, education and sports, safeguarding services and others. Owing to our experience in providing services throughout the territory of this country and beyond its borders,we are well aware of the specific character and demands of our customers.Therefore, we do our utmost to sell goods and services of a wide range and of the best quality to satisfy the needs of the end user. The quality assurance is our many years' experience in manufacturing coupled with the development of new areas of activities, use of consumable materials from the world's leading manufacturers and the ongoing improvement of technologies. 

We have approached each customer individually from the very start of our services. 
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Also we seek co-operation with other companies and organizations
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