Metal flag pins

  We manufacture badges in the shape of the national flag, the flag shape – fluttering flag image with the aspect ratio of about 2:1. This is a typical aspect ratio of the sides for the major national flags.

  The flag-shaped badge has dimensions 21 х 13mm and a «butterfly” like clamp.    The flag-shaped badges of various states currently available on the stock are given below. These types of badges are replenished on a regular basis owing to the inclusion of new states.

This list was added with the flag-shaped badges of Abkhazia, the Vatican, Hong-Kong, Zambia, Maldives, Moldova, Costa Rica, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Montenegro, etc. 

We accept orders for manufacturing the badges of this shape not represented in our list, moreover, we produce badges with logotypes of organizations, slogans, symbols, etc.

Price for badges: 5-10 units - 2,5 EUR/pcs.;  11-25 units - 2,25 EUR/ pcs.;  26-50 units - 2,15 EUR/ pcs.;  51-100 units - 2,00 EUR/ pcs.;  more than 100 units -1,95 EUR/ psc.  

The prices are specified, VAT (21%) excluded.    

Badges are packed into plastic bags; we also offer packing in plastic boxes with a transparent top cover. 

Mass production of the national flag badges of other sizes and types, as well as various production processes is also possible. In this case the price is negotiable.

On your next travel abroad why not take some crossed flag pins?  


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