Crossed flag pins

 We manufacture pins in the shape of two intersecting national flags. There can be the national flags of various states of world (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia) on a customer‘s request.

Dimensions of each flag at a pin with two intersecting national flags are 17 х 9mm; the pin has a „butterfly“ like fixing clamp.   

The pin price in the shape of two intersecting flags: 5-10 units - 3,00 EUR/pcs.,  11-50 units - 2,90 EUR/pcs.;  51-100  units - 2,80 EUR / pcs.;  more than 100 units - 2,70 EUR/ pcs. 

The prices are specified, VAT (21%) excluded.

The pins with two intersecting national flags available on the stock are given below. If the number of pins available on the stock is insufficient, we shall produce an additional quantity within the shortest period of time. If there is no the combination of flags of the states you are interested in, we shall produce it for you.

We also accept orders for the flags of these shapes and technologies with other images, for example, with logotypes of organizations, slogans, symbols, etc. 

Customary pins are packed into plastic bags; however  it is offered the gift option – packing into plastic boxes with a transparent top cover.  
Mass production of the pins  in the shape of intersecting national flags of other sizes and types, applying other production processes is also possible.                                                                                                                                                    


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